Innovation & Impact

Innovation & Impact



Wala is an integrated digital platform which leverages AI to reliably and transparently connect both the supply and demand sides in the blood supply chain in Africa, starting from Ghana and expanding over time to other developing countries, for timely life savings transfusions.

Supply & Demand
To provide supply, we are building the ‘Wala tribe’ of committed donors. We leverage AI to incentivize our Wala tribe with digital tokens which can be exchanged for medical services.
On the demand side, we are building a marketplace that allows hospitals to share critical blood resources for lifesaving transfusions. Our AI uses advanced analytics to predict blood shortage at medical facilities and mobilizes the Wala tribe for action.


Our goal is to help supply over 20,000 pints of blood every week in the next 3-years for critical transfusions using the ‘Wala tribe’ of committed and repeat blood donors.

Wala aims to help reduce 50% of maternal deaths from post-delivery bleeding as a result of the unavailability of blood.  Through this, we will help reduce maternal mortality in developing countries to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goal target of less than 70/100,000 live births through the timely supply of blood.


Signed exclusive MOU with the National Blood Service, Ghana as partners and agreements with 5-hospitals in Ghana for the pilot.

Interviewed over 20 blood bank managers who are willing to sign up.

Interviewed 160 blood donors to gain insight and data points for action.